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In Honor of Ziyanna Jones
Our Reason For Being Here

We Love Ziyanna



This organization and this webpage were established in tribute to an incredibly exceptional young woman. We will persist with her unwavering spirit and resolve to strive for excellence in all that we do.

Born on May 5th, 2004, Ziyanna was the youngest among five siblings and held a special place in the hearts of all who knew her. Her caring and affectionate demeanor was most evident in the way she showered love upon every living being, particularly her fondness for animals in need, especially cats. Her infectious laughter and abundant joyful energy naturally marked her as a charismatic leader, someone people were drawn to and wanted to emulate. Consequently, her tragic and premature passing became an even more heart-wrenching and unfortunate loss, deeply affecting not only her family but the entire community.

Ziyanna illuminated our community with her remarkable presence. During her senior year, her vibrant spirit and unwavering passion for music took center stage as she assumed the role of Clarinet Section Leader in the Dickinson H.S. Marching Band. Her commitment to excellence and her earnest approach to mentoring fellow band members fostered a sense of familial connection among them. This bond was so profound that the band dedicated two halftime performances in her honor.

Ziyanna embodied a rare kind of teenager, demonstrating her versatility by independently learning Korean, excelling as a Praise dancer and choreographer in her local church, and working part-time at both a Dickinson restaurant and Subway. Despite the demanding schedule of the marching band, she still managed to excel as an eloquent public speaker and contribute to the band's fundraising efforts. Looking ahead to her future, Ziyanna aimed to continue serving her community by enlisting in the Army National Guard. Her impact was so profound that the recruiting sergeant not only recognized her achievements but also awarded her the Recruiting and Retention Command Medal and the Texas Army National Guard Honorary Certificate of Enlistment.

Ziyannas Legacy

The Dickinson Music Enrichment Center was founded as way to honor the legacy of this exceptional young lady by offering free afterschool music lessons for underserved kids in the community. 

The Dickinson City Council also paid tribute to Ziyanna. They accomplished this by allocating a specific time during a city council meeting to acknowledge her achievements. Additionally, they extended their sincere condolences to her family and the community for their loss. The council also issued a call to action, urging measures to prevent similar tragedies in the future. Moreover, they put forth a request to TXDOT to consider renaming FM-1266 (Dickinson Ave) from FM517 to FM646 in honor of Ziyanna Jones.

Furthermore, the council intends to secure funding from state and federal agencies to facilitate the reconstruction of this highway segment. The goal is to implement essential safety features that every neighborhood, regardless of economic status, deserves.

PJ'S & freeways at Christmas time to feed the Homeless.

Johnae's Soul food which she impacted all her co-workers and Ms. Johnae Cotton

dedicated a scholarship in Ziyanna's honor for an underprivileged clarinet players.

Dickinson High School Band Director  Mr. Braselton has stated that the annual band booster scholarship was renamed in her honor. It was given out at 2023 senior awards ceremony.

Zyannas mother Ms. Zanetta Wyatt wanted to leave everyone with these words.

"The world lost the most caring person that would do anything for anybody. She also helped the homeless. I'm going to really miss her, but I know God needed her more"

Ziyanna's Gallery

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