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Part-time employment information for band students

At TDMEC we embrace the potential of our youth in the community. Not only through our mission of providing an opportunity for every child to participate in music at an earlier age but we also embrace, encourage and nurture the potential of the young adults in our community. These young adults are our future and any opportunity we have to empower and enrich their lives should be explored and implemented.

It is with this mindset and focus of purpose that TDMEC is offering part-time employment to local ISD band members that have demonstrated excellence, motivation, and maturity through their continued band leadership responsibilities. Our intent is to not only offer employment to these capable young adults but to also embody them with the skills and the desire that will direct them towards a career as a degreed music educator at our local ISD.


It is our hope that upon completion of their employment with The Dickinson Music Enrichment Center these young adults will continue to improve our community through their service based on the skills this employment opportunity offers. 

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