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Kiersten Spaw

Music Coach - Flute

Kiersten is one of the assistant drum majors during the 2022 marching season, and I will be the head drum major for the upcoming season. She is also the first chair flute player,and was last year as well. She is currently the valedictorian of the junior class.

Kiersten Spaw

Why I am Here

I plan on going to college to be a band director, so I want to be able to take this

amazing opportunity to gain some experience. I took AP music theory last year, and it

made me appreciate music on a completely different level than before. I really enjoy

helping people learn anything surrounding music, and I even go to Kranz Junior High

to help out with the flute sectionals. I wish to expand my love for music to younger

“generations” and help them become the best musicians they can be. Music also

serves as a distraction from reality and is a highly complex and beautiful art medium,

and if I could potentially spread that idea to others, my life’s goal would be fulfilled.

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