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Part-time employment information for band students

At TDMEC, we wholeheartedly embrace the potential of the youth within our community. Our mission extends beyond merely providing musical opportunities to children at an early age; we also actively support, inspire, and nurture the potential of young adults in our midst. Recognizing that these young adults represent our future, we are committed to exploring and implementing ways to empower and enhance their lives.

With this dedicated approach, TDMEC is introducing part-time employment opportunities for local ISD band members who exhibit outstanding excellence, motivation, and maturity through their ongoing roles as band leaders. Our aim is not solely to offer employment to these capable young adults, but also to instill in them the skills and aspirations that will guide them towards becoming degreed music educators within our local ISD.

We aspire that upon completing their tenure at The Dickinson Music Enrichment Center, these young adults will continue to contribute positively to our community, leveraging the skills cultivated through this employment opportunity.

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