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Who We Are

We are Sandra Lee and Charles Marcus, founders of The Dickinson Music Enrichment Center. The only totally free afterschool music program for underserved kids in Texas. Our programs mission is for the benefit of children who attend Dickinson ISD and the surrounding communities whose family income falls below a particular threshold. For now, our mission is to provide free beginner music lessons for kids starting at the 4th grade. we also provide free musical instruments for students that continue with us for at least 1 year and enroll in band at the local ISD in 6th grade, the earliest you can participate in band in grade school). The free lessons will continue through middle school and on into high school for those students that may need additional instruction to improve their technique and sound quality.  We don not require payment for any portion of our lessons or materials. All we require is dedication, hardwork and a love of music.  WE believe in the words of the refomation leader Martin Luther......

Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.

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